Tripping around my mind


We are just sheep on a mountain

Since it’s still winter I thought I’d take advantage of the cold and snowy weather and travel to Scotland for some winter training. I wasn’t expecting a full-on survival camp but what was waiting  took me by surprise.

Bring on the waffles!

The dogs were ready, our leader was ready, Nora was ready and I was silently freaking out. While I crawled into the sledge and wrapped myself around with some sort of dead animal skin Nora found her position on the back of the sledge and off we went.

Who would have guessed?

Fate brought me back to Norway two weeks after my little adventure on the frozen icewalls. Well, to be honest fate had nothing to do with it. Or who the fuck knows what fate is. Me and one of my  friends I haven’t seen in ages decided to get together after Christmas and spend a few days in a landscape full of snowy mountains.

Norvegian exposure

I travelled to Norway. Why? Mostly because, thanks to a friend, I fell in love with climbing.  And as I started to get bored with indoor bouldering I had to find an outdoor place  where I could go climbing. Since winter is here, ice climbing seemed like a great idea. And there is no better place to do ice-climbing than Norway. Whoever I asked  about ice climbing in Europe  suggested this place unanimously: Rjukan, Norway.