Tripping around my mind

Sri Lanka

No second chance

After I managed to drive on every possible road south of Kandy it was time to find new routes I did not try in the last week or so. Well, I definitely found my most memorable adventure in Sri Lanka.

The Holy Triangle

To my surprise, I got out of bed early, drank a not so good coffee in a yoga cafe and left Nuwara Eliya with positive thoughts and traveled to the most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka to see a miracle.

Ups and valleys

After spending four days in Kandy it was time to leave as I had enough gin and tonics for the rest of my life. Not too early in the morning I packed my bag, reconnected with Bip Bop and continued our journey towards the south to the mountains.

Run, Forras, Run

Zandi warned me in advance not to go to the Tooth Temple as it’s just not worth it. By accident, I successfully proved they were right. I just wanted to see the garden around the temple and I bought a ticket. It turns out the garden is open to the public for free of charge. You only need to buy a ticket to inside the temple. Well, since I was there with a ticket in my hand then why not go in.

I am Kandy

After I had enough of the ants and the communication problems arisen with the fish swimming in an aquarium in the garden, it was time for me to leave Sigiriya and continue my travels towards the south. 70kms and half a day later I arrived in Kandy.

Road to redemption

A long and stressful day was ahead of me so I left Negombo early in the morning. My plan was to get to up north to a city called Anuradhapura which is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka. It’s now a World Heritage Site and also a great place for pilgrims. My big plan was followed by an even bigger failure. My ass was already hurting halfway through.

Honk to the left, honk to the right

Zandi came up with a great idea before they left Sri Lanka. What if I rented a tuktuk and drove through Sri Lanka? As I like creative and sometimes shitty ideas I accepted the challange. It took a bit more trouble than I initially thought but I succesfully rented a tuktuk and my backpacking trip became a roadtrip.

No more oh more gin

Hiriketiya was full of pretty looking surfers and healthy yoga chicks while Unawatuna was a bit more like a family resort with lots of jewelry stores. Shit loads of jewelry stores.

Karma is a beach

I’m a little bit nervous about the content of this post as I only remember a few things. I travelled all the way to the south of Sri Lanka to finally meet my friends which resulted in us drinking all  the gin supply of Sri Lanka.

Enter if you dare

The market is the heart and the busiest place of every city. And railway stations, too. Since these two are side by side in Colombo, the chaos is doubled. The Pettah quarter is in the northern part of Colombo and every street is a separate world. You can find every shit on Earth there.